Acne is generally characterized by whiteheads and blackheads, and cysts or lumps that can be found on the face, chest, back or nearly anywhere else on the body. Although acne usually begins with the onset of puberty, it is very common for it to persist through young adulthood and even into maturity.

There are many myths about the causes of acne, but in reality, they are numerous and multifactorial and can differ with each individual. Skin type, genetics, stress, diet, and environmental irritants can all play a part in causing acne. Regardless of age or skin type, we can formulate the right acne management treatment plan for any individual.

Our patients are able to take advantage of the latest topical, systemic, and technological treatments, including light and laser therapies.Only an exam and discussion with your dermatologist can truly determine the causes of your acne and an effective treatment plan.


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Once a patient has been diagnosed with rosacea and has been prescribed a course of treatment, there are also lifestyle changes that can help make the condition more livable. Potential triggers for rosacea include many things that cause the skin to flush naturally, such as spicy food, hot drinks, smoking, and alcohol. Harsh soaps and lotions should be avoided. Of course, sun protection is advised for everyone, but because rosacea sufferers are typically fair-skinned, daily sun protection and/or avoidance is especially recommended.


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